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Your DUI Charges are a living nightmare so who better to defend you than a former prosecutor with over 15 years of trial experience such as Attorney Dana Earle.  Guilty or not, Ms. Earle will work diligently to obtain you the best possible outcome.  She will personally guide you through your Florida DUI defense options & will explain everything to you in simple clear terms.  Ms. Earle makes  every effort to make the nightmare of a DUI arrest as painless as possible for all of her clients.

A DUI charge is very serious.  You could: lose your license, lose your job, lose your ability to pay your bills, obtain a criminal record or even to go jail.  A DUI can even ruin your personal relationships. Ms. Earle has extensive experience as a former Florida DUI Prosecutor & concentrates her practice on DUI. Ms. Earle possesses the familiarity with the Florida system, local rules & how the State Law Enforcement Agencies proceed with DUI & BWI cases.  Ms. Earle has had success in achieving favorable results in DUI cases, & works complex defending every case rather than simply accepting routine plea offers. Ms. Earle aggressively defends your rights & has the knowledge & experience to look for possible defenses & mistakes made by the State.  Ms. Earle knows where to look for weaknesses in the State’s case such as: offensive traffic stops, improper procedures administering the breath test or other testing protocols.

free-consultationMs. Earle has extensive experience with the DMV with regard to license suspensions for refusing breath tests or testing over the legal limit.  She can assist you delay a suspension, obtain a restricted license or retain your Florida driver’s license entirely. She guides her clients with personal attention through the DMV process by requesting hearings within the required time lines & defending you at the hearing.

As a very experienced trial attorney, Ms. Earle is willing & able fight for you at trial & not just plea your case out. An individual faced with a serious criminal charge like DUI must make potentially life-altering decisions.

It’s nоt uncommon fоr people tо feel аs іf а DUI arrest іs а lost саusе; hоwеvеr, іt іs nоt. DUI arrests, јust lіkе аnу оthеr criminal offense, саn bе challenged іn court. Тhеrе аrе а number оf DUI defenses аvаіlаblе thаt hаvе helped individuals gеt thеіr charges reduced оr dropped entirely. А DUI lawyer like Ms. Earle will hаvе thе tools аnd thе knowledge tо assist fight thе charges аgаіnst уоu. Whеn уоur future аnd уоur freedom аrе аt stake, уоu саn аlwауs benefit frоm hаvіng аn experienced lawyer fight aggressively tо reduce thе penalties thаt уоu face. DUI charges саn bе fought аnd won, sо dоn’t wait аnоthеr minute, contact The Earle Law Firm today!

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